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major development contract. the report accuses him of opposing banninger for political reasons. tom? >> reporter: jim, we want to say, jim graham has not seen this report yet and has no comment. the report basically says graham is a metro board member in 2008, let his persol and political interests improperly influence his handling of a metro development on florida avenue northwest. >> as a result of council member graham's actions, the public's trust in metro's joint development process has been harmed. and accordingly, council member graham's actions resulted in a breach of his duty to place the public's interests first and foremost for assessments of whether this could constitute a violation of a law or a crime. those we leave to the
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determination of other law enforcement bodies. >> reporter: now, sources tell news4 that other law enforcement authorities, including the u.s. attorney's office, are looking at this contracting mess with jim graham, andhe c ty, and the metro board. now, jim graham is no longer a member of the metro so there's nothing administratively that the metro board here can do to jim graham, based on this report. tom sherwood live at metro. back to you, jim. >> in as much as he is no longer a member of a board, is the metro board now out of it in terms of any kind of sanction or anything? >> reporter: well, the metro board says it has improved its own ethics rules in the last months, as this report has been being prepared. so it technically would be out of it. it s review of other ethics reforms could do to see this doesn't happen again. the big issue here is whether or not jim graham, who has in the
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past said about this, he's done nothing illegal. he keeps saying that over and over, i've done nothing illegal. i haven't profited from any of these. it's up to the prosecutors to see if there's something criminal about the activity that the board said today was unethical. >> tom sherwood. thank you, tom. just hours from now, joe biden and paul ryan will meet for their only debate of this presidential campaign. political analysts say vice presidential debates don't usually count for much, but this one could be different because this race is now so close. steve handelsman has the latest from danville. >> reporter: hi, doreen, thanks. danville, kentucky, there's more pressure on joe biden. a lot of democrats hoping he can get their campaign back on track. in danville, a college town that hosts tonight's debate, local voters say they'll tune in. >> i want ryan to be able to express what we want for our country. like romney did in the
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presidential debate. >> i think it will help obama if joe biden does well. >> reporter: with the debate hall at center call, paul ryan arrived, a 42-year-old republican whiz kid set to face a 69-year-old democratic debate veteran. >> joe biden's been on this stage before. this is my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> reporter: the vice president sometimes hurts team obama with gaffes, with trademark bravado, that he won't dodge. >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: the stakes in danville look higher after last week's debate in denver. >> the reason is that mitt romney's developed significant momentum from his debate performance against barack obama last week. >> reporter: romney, who last night held a big rally in sidney, ohio, narrowed the gap in that key state. in the new nbc poll, no change
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in florida, obama by one. romney ahead now in virginia, up three since the debate. romney up two in ohio, trailing by six. >> you talk about single digits having picked sides as a result of the debate and romney got the advantage there. we see a slight closing in these tossup numbers in these three critical states. >> reporter: more pressure on the number two candidates who face off tonight. in their debate here, on domestic and foreign policy, biden and ryan will be seated, which normally leads to a lower energy level. from danville, kentucky, i'm steve handelsman, news4. a security official at the u.s. embassy in yemen was assassinated today near his house. the state department has identified him as kasim atlan. he worked there for 11 years. he was off-duty and running errands with a family member when a gunman on a motorcycle pulled up and opened fire. that gunman got away.
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state department officials say it's too early to know whether his embassy job made him a target for murder. they say it is premature to say who may be responsible. they say that attack bears the hallmark of al qaeda's yemen branch. the university of maryland will hold their annual campus safety walk in college park. this comes after three students were robbed at gunpoint near the university view apartments. jackie bensen with a report on what police are doing tonight in an effort to keep students save. >> reporter: investigators believe it's the same suspect. >> the two behind were definitely related. we believe it's the first case also related to the two behind the view. >> reporter: prince george's county police say on wednesday night, about 7:00, a university of maryland student was walking alone in the 9200 block of baltimore avenue when he was robbed at gun point and struck in the face. about three hours later, two female students, both walking alone, were robbed at gun point
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within minutes of each other behind the university view apartments in the 8400 block of baltimore avenue. the view, as it's known, is off-campus and not owned by the university, but all of its residents are students. the robberies happened at the back of the high-rise where there are numerous security cameras. foot path that wind through the wooded area are the quickest route to campus. >> it's pretty dark. it's basically dark. patchy. patches of light is the way to describe it. >> especially if you take a right, past this bridge, that path goes on for miles with absolutely nothing there. easy escape. >> reporter: of particular concern is this bridge, which goes to a path for the trail. after the new apartments were built there, more foot traffic began occurring here. there's also a busy parking lot next door to the apartment building. both locations have blue light security stations which are also equipped with cameras. >> i don't typically feel comfortable walking that way. i'm pretty paranoid, though.
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>> reporter: because security concerns can change fromear to year, the university conducts an annual safety walk where students are asked to identify places on and off campus where they feel unsafe. in college park, jackie bensen, news4. veterinarians at the national zoo say liver damage is what caused the death of a 6-day-old giant panda cub. the lungs never fully developed and the cub couldn't get enough oxygen to her liver. the cub's mother, mei xiang, is slowly returning to her normal diet and activity level. the zoo had not made any decisions yet about mei xiang's future. saying good-bye to a state trooper killed while directing traffic last week. governor bob mcdonald is among those who attended the funeral for andrew fox. he was hit on route 30 near king's dominion while directing cars leaving the state fair. trooper fox was only 27 years old.
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sho mami? >> reporter: good evening. right now we're on the ninth floor, eight stories up from where the 4-year-old boy fell around 3:15 this evening. take a look at how high up i am. that tree broke the boy's fall. the one right there. you can actually see a snapped branch. let's roll some video right now. the good samaritan who rescued the child told me he was crying. he has life-threatening injuries, a broken femur, serious head injury we also learned there were family members in the apartment when the boy fell.
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they're now at children's hospital. you're now going to hear from a woman who rescued the boy. >> he was lying over there. so i was concerned. >> reporter: are you surprised that the child survived? >> i hoped and prayed he would be okay. >> reporter: what did you see when you came down here? >> i was passing. coming in. >> reporter: and you saw him on the ground? >> yes. in the bush right there. >> reporter: and then what did you do? >> i went over there. i told my neighbor to come and see the child. i went to help the child. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? how did you feel at the time? >> he was crying. >> reporter: you're now looking at a live picture from the ninth floor, eight stories up. montgomery county police sent us
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an update basically saying they are investigating the circumstances around this case. a lot of folks out here are hoping that this child survived. once again, he has life-threatening injuries. a broken femur, a serious head injury. we'll continue to bring you updates at and on twitter at nbc washington. live here in silver spring, shomari stone, news4. chilly out there today. as the old saying goes, you ain't seen nothing yet. doug, what's coming? >> what's coming is really cool air. i think many areas are going to get down close to the freezing mark during the night tomorrow night. tonight's going to be chilly. what's coming is going to be even colder. out there right now, 60 degrees with plenty of sunshine. winds out of the south at 12 miles an hour. and when you're in the shade, and the sun's going down right now, so there's a lot of shade out there, 20-mile-an-hour winds feel cool. 60 towards la plata. as we move through the night
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tonight, this is what you can expect, say, in through northwest, silver spring, rosemary hill area. temperatures falling to the 50s, to around 42 when you wake up tomorrow morning, a freeze watch for some. i'll show you who coming up. down to the wire tonight for the nats. >> if they win, they'll play again tomorrow. but lose and their season is done. pat collins is in nats park where fans aren't giving up hope next. pat, how is it going? >> reporter: it's going pretty well, doreen. the feeling here today, much different than yesterday. this is a fight to the finish day. and fans are doing their part. today no big balloons. no big flag. no big drum line band. today it's time for baseball. today it's time to get down to business. what is it going to take to win?
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>> just a lot of hitting. and more hitting. >> and more hitting. >> we need the good hitting. >> reporter: do or die. >> do! >> reporter: sink or swim? >> swim. >> reporter: fight or fall? >> fight. >> reporter: can they do it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how? >> hit. >> it might be over. >> reporter: over? >> yeah, it's over. >> reporter: over? who says it's over? it's not over until we say it's over. remember when the germans bombed pearl harbor? >> leave him alone, he's on a roll. >> reporter: because when the going gets tough -- >> the tough get going. >> reporter: now who's with me? >> yea! >> rep game oconsequence. it requires extraordinary measures. the rubber chicken sacrifice. >> i'm going to wave that chicken, going to wave it that way. >> reporter: the magic hair hat.
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every time you've worn this hat to a nats game they've -- >> won. >> reporter: how many games you been to? >> four. >> reporter: so today this will do the trick? >> yep. >> reporter: why, even some divine intervention. what's it going to take to win, father? >> maybe a small miracle. but i think they'll pull it off. i've been praying all morning for this. >> reporter: now, you all know what to do. this is our -- >> house. >> reporter: and no one comes into our -- >> house. >> reporter: and pushes us -- >> around. >> reporter: let's go get them! >> yeah! >> reporter: bottom of the seventh, it's tied 1-1. fingers crossed. live in southeast, pat collins, news4. coming up, the u.s. navy patrols the waters in a critical
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mission near the shores of iran. flames race through a home in maryland. people scream for help. and jump from the windows. not everyone made it out alive. >> the fire department, they just were trying to get it out the best they can. but it was rolling. boxing legend sugar ray leonard returns to his hometown and the fight against bullying. a major mission cutting down trees. ♪
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs.
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i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. the u.s. navy is patrolling the water off the coast of iran right now. jets from the uss eisenhower are working to protect access to a crucial oil supply lane, about one-fifth of the world's crude is shipped through hormuz. the u.s. and europe have cut off iran's access to world banks. this video is creating a national outrage across italy. it shows a 10-year-old boy being dragged from school by police.
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the boy's parents were in the middle of a bitter custody fight. a court ordered the boy to be turned over to his father. child protective services said his mother would not turn him over on her own. the child is back with his father now. he was not hurt by the police. but italy's police chief said he regrets the way things were handled here. a 14-year-old girl shot by the taliban in pakistan is said to be improving now. her name is malala yousafzai. she was moved to a better hospital today. the taliban shot her on a school bus on tuesday. they didn't like the fact of her internet blogs promoting the education of girls. nbc has more now on the work to help that child. >> reporter: just three days after being gunned down by the taliban, 14-year-old malala yousafzai is already showing significant signs of improvement. today doctors have her stable enough to move her to a military facility just outside the capital of islamabad. it's better equipped, better
6:19 pm
resources and more importantly doctors say has a specialized pediatric care unit better suited for malala's recovery. she remains unconscious and on ventilator support, but now doctors say they can put her chances at survival at 70%. >> the whole of this country should be ashamed of themselves if they don't stand up to these guys. she's somebody's daughter. >> reporter: people continue to show support across the country, rallying for malala's country, they say if you kill one malala, ten more will emerge. the space shuttle "endeavour" begins its final journey tomorrow. in the morning it will travel across los angeles to the california science center. the 12-mile center from the los angeles airport could be one of "endeavour's" most difficult trips on earth. the times it will be just inches away from buildings. the city cut down nearly 400 trees and removed 200 street lights. the "endeavour" will be the only shuttle on display on the west
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coast. quite a project to move that thing. >> yeah. you could say that again. pretty cool though, huh? >> very cool. cool outside right now, too. >> that's going to be the word we're using throughout the rest of the evening. cool. that's going to be the theme as we move in through the night tonight. temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow night, however, i think will be cold. you're going to need the coats. perfect time for the weekend. we're talking about friday and saturday night. and yes, that is right, we are going to be seeing the coldest night i think we've seen so far this season. for the record today, high temperature -- look at that shot, by the way. look at the color. already seeing color around our region. near peak color in the mountains off to the west. a great weekend to get out and see some of that. 63 the high temperature today, low of 49. below average once again. just two years ago today, it was 88 degrees. so that shows you we can get very warm this time of year, and we can get very cold. tomorrow night is going to be on the cold side of things. tomorrow night is going to be the big chill.
6:21 pm
60 degrees out there. winds out of the south about 12 miles per hour. we're going to continue to see those winds a little bit on the gusty side through the rest of the evening hours. but fairly light in most locations. any wind is going to make it feel a little cooler. 57 in martinsburg, 57 gaithersburg, 61 in fredericksburg. once the sun goes down, in about the next 15 minutes, we'll really see the temperatures come down as well. temperatures will cool. as i mentioned they're going to cool fairly quickly. high pressure dominating. that allowed us to have plenty of sun. area of high pressure swings down to the south. here comes another cold front tomorrow. cool air in place now. that's pushed down to the south. here comes more cool air tomorrow night. this will be a cooler air mass, even though saturday we'll have plenty of sunshine, temperatures still about five to ten degrees
6:22 pm
below average. it's saturday morning's temperature that might have you a little bit shocked out there, especially if you have any plans early in the morning. say your son has an 8:30 baseball game? look at the freeze watch out there. montgomery county, howard county, frederick county, loudoun county. if you're north and west of this area, you'll get close to the freezing mark. some areas could be in the upper 20s. that's the kind of cold air we're talking about. bring in any sensitive vegetation. if you leave it out, it may be done for. south and east, still not getting close to a freeze, i think the low to mid-30s for many of you there. clear skies, cooling quickly this evening. 51 to about 56 degrees. chilly start to tomorrow morning. temperatures around 46 degrees. then tomorrow afternoon, rather cool. and rather breezy. i actually think today will be a better day than tomorrow just because of the breeze. upwards of 10 to 20 miles per hour. highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s and breezy.
6:23 pm
that will make it feel cooler than it was during the afternoon today. high temperatures move on saturday to a high of 62. even in d.c., i think we could get down to near 39 degrees inside the beltway. as i mentioned, some areas could be around 29 degrees. on sunday, a high of 73. our winds begin to shift out of the south. 74 on monday. that's another frontal boundary that will give us a chance for shower activity, but no big chance. 30% chance on monday and even on thursday of next week, better chance there. temperatures remain at or even above normal as we make our way through early next week. we've got a little bit of a cool stretch and looks like things moderate a little bit. this is just a taste for us. >> almost fireplace weather. >> i think some people have already been there. >> well beyond. crank it up again. thanks, doug. tonight a report on the fight to reinstate a college administrator that took a stand against gay marriage. coming up in sports, the nats try to stave off
6:24 pm
elimination. rg3 back on the practice field today. the latest on his recovery from a concussion. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times.
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and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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story out of baltimore. devastating fire there killed five people today. four of them were young children. >> one firefighter said flames were coming from every window from the house. keith russell is in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. keith? >> hey, guys. imagine you go to sleep with ten family members in a home, then in an instant half are gone, never coming back. a bad dream. in this case, a nightmare in baltimore. with everyone still trying to put the pieces back together. the baltimore city fire department said the fire started around 2:00 this morning in northeast baltimore. investigators believe the fire may have started in the basement.
6:28 pm
one man jumped out the window, others were also able to get out safely. but during the search and rescue, firefighters found the bodies of five, one adult and four children. ages 1, 2, 4 and 7. >> there was smoke, fire, you could see the fire coming out the windows. and the fire department, they just trying to get it out the best they can. but it was rolling. >> my drandson, my nieces, and my nephews. and then my mother and my stepfather. my stepfather got out. >> the baltimore city fire department continues to investigate. but says it's not surprising that some residents believe it was arson. because there were two arson cases in that same neighborhood recently. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. right now, about 80 firefighters are battling a townhouse fire in olney. chopper 4 flew over the very smoky scene a little while ago, in the 4500 block of can lane.
6:29 pm
they initially couldn't get too close because of the intensity of the fire. there are no reports of any injuries. the red cross has been called in to help two adults and two teens who are now displaced. appealing the wrongful death verdict in the virginia tech shooting massacre. that appeal was filed today in the state supreme court. earlier this year, each of the victims' families was awarded $100,000. the parents of two students killed filed a separate appeal today. they want the university's president to stand trial for failing to alert the campus after the first shots were fired. students rallied in support of gay marriage at the university of maryland today. a diversity official at the school is on leave for supporting a petition to ban gay unions. but as chris gordon explains now, the two sides of this
6:30 pm
controversial issue are finding common ground. >> vote for on question 6 and yes on equality for all. >> reporter: the maryland student body president kicked off the rally for marriage equality. u.s. senator ben cardin said these students can help make history by voting yes or question 6. >> the united states stands for eliminating all forms of discrimination. we offer hope to people around the world. we've got to take care of business first in our own country. marriage equality is a matter of basic fairness. >> reporter: for years state senator richard mattelino has been at the center of the fight. >> for me, my partner and kids and thousands of other gay and lesbian families, that marriage will mean a brighter future for us all. >> reporter: the maryland legislature passed a bill making same-sex marriage legal this year. but opponents in an attempt to stop it circulated petitions and got tens of thousands of
6:31 pm
signatures statewide in order to put question 6 on the ballot. angela mccaskill, the chief diversity officer at the university was placed on leave. they say it was inappropriate for her to sign the initiative. >> this is something where a private citizen said, let's let the people decide on it. and the chief diversity officer, that was about fairness. >> reporter: the leaders of the campaign to vote yes on question 6 to legalize same-sex marriage agree that angela mccaskill should be reinstated. >> marylanders is for equality. question 6 is about equality, fairness. and it's only fair dr. mccaskill be reinstated. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said
6:32 pm
there has been no change. mccaskill remains on administrative leave while the whole matter is reviewed. more traffic troubles in northern virginia as part of the express lane construction. the virginia department of transportation is getting ready to shut down the i-66 eastbound hov ramp at 495. that ramp will close after the morning rush hour tomorrow. richard jordan spoke with drivers who are eager for this project to be done. >> reporter: the road to a faster, smoother commute is paved with detours and closures. vdot 495 express lane projects started four years ago. >> it's bad around here with all the construction and everything going on. >> reporter: but road work is almost complete. and part of the finishing touches go right through merryfield. the left hov ramp taking drivers from i-66 east of 495 north will close friday after the morning rush hour. >> hov motorists will have this
6:33 pm
ramp shut off. they will have to take the general purpose ramp on the right to go onto 495 north. >> reporter: that means all drivers will use the same ramp. truth is, the 66 eastbound hov lanes have already been closing on a daily basis just after the morning rush hour. but now, in order to get all the work done on time, they have to be shut down 24/7 until the express lane project is complete. vdot crews will pave and paint the ramp while drivers yield, merge and hit the brakes. those who frequently drive in the area say the a.m. is mayhem. >> traffic is bad like around 7:00, 8:00. so if you're here before 6:00, you don't face the traffic. but after that, you do face the traffic pretty bad. >> reporter: even transportation workers feel the frustration. >> we live here, we drive through it, so we're part of the pack. so we understand it.
6:34 pm
but we know the end is near, the opening is coming and there are better times that lie ahead and more options getting in and around northern virginia. >> reporter: the hov ramps and express lanes are set to reopen before the beginning of the year. silver spring, maryland, the troublesome transit center that's been proposed, the development right next to the metro station is already years behind schedule. now there's a new problem that could set it back yet another year. officials have discovered that the concrete used in the facility is already cracking. >> the extent of the cracking and the nature of cracking in this particular structure is of particular concern. some of the cracks appear to go through the deck. >> nearby businesses and residents say they are tired of the unfinished eye sore. the project would improve access to buses, taxis and trains. it's costing over $100 million. a new report shows many
6:35 pm
school facilities in prince george's county are in fair to poor condition. news4's prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins looks at how much money it would take to fix them. >> reporter: a new independent report states that prince george's county is not spending enough money improving and keeping up at school buildings. tulip grove elementary is one of the highest performing schools in prince george's county, and in maryland for that matter. but according to the new report, it also has one of the poorest facilities in the county. >> the facility is poor. i wish they would definitely replace the bathrooms. >> reporter: according to the report, the school system operates three schools in poor condition. 153 schools that are fair. and only 30 that are considered to be in good condition. >> i've noticed all of pd county, a lot of the schools are old and need to be rebuilt and things of that nature. and at least renovation. >> reporter: this is the first school facility report since 2008, and it was conducted by
6:36 pm
parsons, an engineering and management service out of california. in 2008, they suggested $2.82 billion be devoted to improving schools. now the number is up to $2.84 billion. according to parsons, prince george's has only allocated $483 million to maintaining and improving its facilities. not a fraction of what's needed. >> i think that that comes into the part of the pta, and also into the politicians. you know, to do something better oh. >> it would be great to have the building, the teachers, staff. great to have a lot. but we're not getting it in this county. >> reporter: this facilities report was supposed to be presented to the prince george's county school board today but they had to cancel that meeting. they will review it during their mex meeting on october 23rd and then decide what the next steps will be. tracee wilkins, news4. coming up tonight, professional athletes are paying more and more attention to concussions and now star of the nascar circuit is involved.
6:37 pm
doug, what's up with the weather? >> the cool air. not only here right now, but really cold air in here tomorrow. some areas under a freeze
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
nascar driver dale earnhardt jr. said he's out for the next two sprint cup races. the driver of the number 88 car suffered a concussion during a pileup on the last lap of the talladega race this last weekend. earnhardt revealed he suffered another concussion a few weeks ago but didn't report that one. he felt 100% after the most recent race, but now he's not so sure about it. >> the one in kansas was really bad. and then to get shaken up so quickly over something so, you know, kind of trivial, that accident was -- i've been through tons of last-lap wrecks at daytona and talladega. that one shook me up. i thought i should maybe take this seriously. >> it will end his streak of 461 consecutive starts. the fifth best among activity cup drivers. we're seeing more and more pro athletes dealing with debilitating concussions lately.
6:41 pm
the redskins young quarterback robert griffin iii suffered a head injury. right now, all four major north american sports leagues have concussion policies in place, which look at the way players are treated after being injured. these policies are constantly being studied and changed as we learn more about the long-term impact of frequent blows to the head. this could include everything from memory loss to cognitive decline to chronic depression. and even suicide. a brighter side now, what are we working on? >> rg3's concussion is something we've been watching closely. they're working with an independent neurologist. they want to be sure to tell us that. and the nats locked in a tight battle with the cardinals at nats park. plus, the giants pull off a task that no baseball team has ever accomplished. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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6:43 pm
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. hello, everybody, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. looking at sunshine. the sun going down, sunset. sunset, as a matter of fact, was
6:45 pm
about ten minutes ago. there's no more sun out there. 60 degrees, winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. the temperatures will be cooling very quickly this evening. down to 58 right now in reston. 58 in camp springs. here's where we'll be overnight tonight. in the 30s to the north and west, including leesburg and fredericksburg. tomorrow afternoon, i think temperatures warm up a little bit from where they were today. 64 in washington. 63 in leesburg. with a 10 to 20-mile-an-hour wind it will actually feel cooler tomorrow. and tomorrow night is going to be the cold night. a freeze watch in effect for some areas. some of you, may get into the 20s. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. here's the deal. it was the top of the ninth, the cards just went three up, three down, now the nats are at-bat.
6:46 pm
tied score, 1-1. this thing ain't over till like pat collins said, till we say it's over. >> and back to you. >> is that it? >> hello, carol. >> hi, guys. thank you. the washington nationals may be on the brink of elimination but they're not ready to see the season come to an end. dan hellie joins us outside nats park. the fans are not going away quietly. we can hear them from here. >> reporter: carol maloney, vance and doreen, it's reached a fever pitch here at nationals park. cardinals setting up their best pitcher today. nationals going to ross detwiler. it's been a pitcher's duel. the nats were hoping to swing a big stick and avoid elimination today. starting off in the bottom of the second, no score. the big stick we were speaking
6:47 pm
of, provided by adam laroche. takes the pitch to the deepest part of the park and it's gone. the first postseason run in washington, d.c. since 1933. and the nationals take a rare 1-0 lead. top three, the cardinals score after an ian desmond error. matt holliday goes down swinging. the score right now 1-1 in the top of the ninth. the pitching has been spectacular. right now there is one out. drew storen pitching for the nationals. we'll bring you good news coming up tonight at 11:00. >> dan hellie, thank you so much. >> we're definitely going big or going home. the baltimore orioles may not have the store power of the yankees, but they do have the same never say die attitude. that might come in handy tonight in new york. birds also facing elimination. first pitch for game four is at
6:48 pm
7:37 p.m. yankees wouldn't quit last night. it led them to a wild walkoff victory. going to take you to the yankees stadium. the sign says welcome, but the os not feeling it. alex rodriguez in the dugout. ibanez, turns out to be a good move by manager joe girardi. ibanez going yard. yankee stadiums erupts. buck showalter not liking it. we're heading to extras. bottom 12, raul at the dish again. he's at it again. crushes it. home run to right again. this one the walkoff variety. and the yankees win 3-2. ibanez is the hero. sitting a-rod paid dividends for manager joe girardi. >> i had a gut feeling. talked in the pregame talking about a pinch-hitter, a low ball hitter in a sense, and a low ball pitcher. i just kind of had a gut feeling. >> what's the mind-set of your
6:49 pm
guys after last night? >> to win. win a game. i feel good about where they are mentally. not the first time they've had a challenge this year. hopefully it won't be the last. hopefully it is the last. >> well, afternoon baseball at the great american ballpark in cincinnati. giants taking on the reds, top five. we pick it up, pitcher matt latos in his first postseason start facing buster posey. the bases are loaded. you knew it with that swing. it hits the facade on the second level. grand slam. and the giants go up 6-0. ahead to the bottom of the ninth now. the reds are trailing 6-4. two men on. scott roland with the go-ahead run at the plate. strikes out swinging. giants win the series 3-2. they become the first team to win three consecutive games on the road in a best of five series. out to redskins park. robert griffin iii practiced for the second straight day.
6:50 pm
he hasn't been cleared to play this weekend. but it is looking good. no setbacks in his recovery from a mild concussion. griffin always wears that canary yellow no-contact jersey at practice. according to coach shanahan, it took about 75 to 80% of the snaps today, only down slightly from his normal routine. he will be checked by doctors in the morning. if he gets the green light, the play calling will remain the same. if he doesn't, the teammates are not thinking about that just yet. >> we can't worry about that. each man has to worry about their job. you can't lose focus on what's important and that's doing your job. we have a lot of confidence in getting them to go. we'll go out there and be behind them. >> he's a tough guy. i'll be surprised if he's not on the field sunday. we'll have to play regardless. our main objective is to win. >> from what i understood, robert is doing well. i would expect him to be full go
6:51 pm
at practice, and obviously he has to pass some more tests throughout the week. but we'll see as it goes. and see what the coaches want to do. obviously see how robert feels. >> the redskins and vikings kick off at fedex feel sunday at 4:15. speaking of fedex field, what the heck is going on with the home losing streak. now eight straight. the vikings are coming to town. 96 knows how to entertain the home crowd. he did it last week against the falcons. hopes to do it again this weekend. he calls it tasering. >> it's just something to do to get people energized. energizes the crowd, and the sideline. something i'm going to do when the time is right. it's good to get the "d" line. hopefully start a waterfall. just something to do to make the game fun. because it is a game. >> can you teach it to me? >> i cannot. i want to be the only person doing it.
6:52 pm
>> i'm going to study it up. >> yeah. it's a lot of fun. anyone can do it. i'm not the greatest dancer, so if i can pull it off, you can pull it off. >> he learned it from the movie "hangover." he said that's where he got the idea. the taser was his first sack at redskins. >> i didn't realize that was a dance move actually. >> me either. >> we'll work on it after the show. >> memorable. coming up, a border control diver makes an unexpected recovery.
6:53 pm
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a world champion, olympic champion, favorite hometown son is reaching out to help children in prince george's county. sugar ray leonard announced an initiative to expand his boxing center that will include support for kids and families, provide educational opportunities and most importantly to him prevent bullyi bullying. >> i mean, this thing has become unfortunate. i want to make a difference in my hometown. >> sugar ray will work with the naacp and prince george's county police to make that happen.
6:56 pm
his english teacher from parkdale high school showed up today to support his plan. she says he was a very smart student. >> i always loved watching him, for sure. >> didn't we all. >> better than the heavyweight guys. they get the punches in. these guys are going at it the whole time. >> good for him for continuing to give back to his community. >> for sure. we're giving back in the way of cold air. you're welcome. it's cool out there right now. here's the big story. it's that freeze watch tomorrow night. most areas to the north and west under that freeze watch, including montgomery county, loudoun county, the entire panhandle of west virginia, and frederick county, maryland. it is going to be a cold night tomorrow night. after a chilly night tonight. i think tomorrow night, though, some areas not only will get below freezing, i wouldn't be surprised to see some areas around 28 to 29 degrees. so first real cold air this evening coming in tomorrow. but it's not going to last long. a high of 62 on saturday with sunshine. right back to 73 on sunday. and then 74 on monday.
6:57 pm
we go from a low of 39 saturday morning to 60 on monday. that's the kind of turn-around we're going to see here. a little stretch of cool weather, and right back into mild temperatures for this time of year. average high temperature around 70 degrees. i think we're at or a little above average from sunday all the way through next thursday. so bundle up for just a few days. >> until then. all right. thank you, doug. aye maty. dating back to the 18th century. they found it off the coast of sicily. scuba divers began investigating the area after an off-duty border patrol diver spotted several large objects on the seabed. it turned out to be a cannon and pieces of its wooden cart. the gallion is remarkably well preserved. they believe it sank in about 1718 during a naval battle between spain and england.
6:58 pm
>> wow. do you have a dance to go with that pirate act of yours? >> arggg! that's all, missy. that's our news
6:59 pm
[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third
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